Leïth benkhedda

Graphic designer and service provider focused on research, film-making, writing, editorial design and development.
Based in The Netherlands and currently graduating from the Royal Academhy of Art, The Hague—KABK.









➶Lisa Guedel-Dolle



➶Models for Humanity—Theater Amsterdam

➶From A to B—Stroom

➶Declaring Reason—Meermanno Museum


➶It's a Book—HGB







➶Borderless State—Waag Society

➶BYOB—Mi Gallery

➶Fëte du Graphisme—Ecole Estienne

➶Espace(s)—Jed Voras






Andromeda formerly known as Cassiopeia’s daughter is now the next Google operating system. Cassandra princess of Troy has turned into a database management system. Palantir, seeing stone from The Lord of the Rings is now powering the US counter terrorism and predictive policing. As if haunted, we are often tempted or pushed to rely on occult narratives inherited from a far past in order to understand our technological present. New worlds are wearing the costumes of the old ones, while the technologies those companies are giving birth to are everything but fictional and their mechanisms more and more opaque.

CGI Animation in collaboration with Manus Nijhoff for Jenna Sutela’s new audio-visual work nimiia cétiï.

With SOS Racisme as a framework and case study, Modes of Representation questions the emancipation of minorities in a postcolonial context. When this quest is institutionalized by associations considered as organs of the French government we can question the agenda of such groups, their legitimacy while wondering to who their existence does benefits to. This project was written and based upon discussion-interviews with Francoise Verges—French political scientist, historian and feminist; Mathieu Renault—Doctorate in political philosophy and Dominique Sopo—Head of SOS Racisme.

By investing contemporary fake news, it appeared that their strength often comes from the association of text and images. This project was an attempt to showcase that tension by taking those two elements apart from each other. IMG_001 is an index displaying the visual nature and amount of speculated false, politically linked information published via online fact-checking platforms such as www.snopes.com during the year 2016.In collaboration with Paw Poulsen.

Foreign Body is born from an investigation of Dutch mass surveillance and tendencies for registration systems established for administrative and statistical purposes. Looking at the occurrent shift of our private living areas into open and transparent spaces caused by the availability and commodification of our intimate patterns facilitated by Smart Home devices, the resulting video gives us a taste of how future man-machine interaction might function and how large quantities of information could narrow our field of vision.In collaboration with Hugo Dumont and Jan Husstedt.

3D Scans and renderings of Pôlar Collection by Drone

104 Words About Mobility is built upon the formal analysis of a collection of 20 essays on that same topic. As an attempt to engage differently with textual content, this project proceeds to a systematic deconstruction of each essay based on the occurrence of specific terms. Emphasizing on repetitions in order to extract a dominant language—paradigm from its material later re-organized and classified resulting in the proposal of a new narrative.